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Protection-free Polymer Composite Waterproof Membrane

Protection-free Polymer Composite Waterproof Membrane

Product Description

Protection-free Polymer Composite Waterproof Membrane

1.1 Material introduction
1. Product introduction
It is a kind of strong polymer film as the main reinforcement material. The coating layer is a reactive self-adhesive with additives such as active agent and water immersion agent. The upper surface is covered with non-woven fabric for reinforcement, and the lower surface is covered with silicone oil. Composite waterproofing membrane made of mucosa.
The surface is covered with non-woven fabric to protect the waterproof layer. After the coil is laid, it does not need to be coated with a cement mortar protective layer, and other activities such as binding steel bars can be directly tied, which not only shortens the construction period, but also saves a lot of costs.
2. Product structure

Water Resistant Material
3. Product features
(1) Good rainproof performance, high mechanical strength, super adhesion, forming a firm and irreversible sealing waterproof layer, preventing water channeling, integrating high polymer strength, large extension, aging resistance and creep resistance of reactive sealant Cracking and sealing are combined to form a multiple waterproof system.
(2) The construction is simpler and safer, and the construction progress is particularly fast; the cross construction time is relatively short. The construction schedule can be greatly shortened, which is conducive to rushing the construction period and is convenient for maintenance management.
(3) Low requirements for grassroots, convenient construction, low cost and cost saving.
(4) The construction conditions are low, and the construction can be carried out in rainy weather or wet base surface, and the application range is wide.

4. Implementation standards
GB/T 35467-2017 "Wet-laid waterproof membrane"

5. Performance indicators







Pull N /50mm ≥




Elongation at maximum tension % ≥




Tearing force,N ≥




Low temperature flexibility,℃

No cracks

No cracks



0.3MPa,120min impermeable


Sticky,min ≥



Peel strength with cement mortar,N/mm

No treatment


Heat aging


1.2 Process introduction
1. Process flow
Dry-laying method: base surface cleaning and acceptance → brushing of base treatment agent → waterproof layer laying → detailed enhancement treatment → quality acceptance → subsequent construction
Wet paving method: base surface cleaning and acceptance → base surface wetting → bonding material mixing → waterproof layer laying → detailed enhancement treatment → quality acceptance → subsequent construction

2. Process introduction
Dry shop method:
(1) First, lay permanent protective walls, pits (such as elevator shafts, independent foundations) and other special waterproof layers, and then carry out large-scale construction. When laying the coil, first pre-lay the coil on the base surface according to the reference line, the non-woven fabric of the coil is facing up, and the self-adhesive layer is facing down to bond with the cushion. The lap joints of the short sides of two adjacent coils should be staggered by 500mm.
(2) When the coils are vertically overlapped, they are overlapped by pressing the long side against the short side (the long side is on the top and the short side is on the bottom).
(3) When laying coils, pay attention to the width of overlap and swing. At the same time, the coils should be natural and smooth without distortion. It should be noted that the tightness of adjacent coils on the flat surface, yin and yang angles, etc. should be appropriate and consistent.
(4) The lap width of the long side and the short side of the coil is not less than 80mm.
(5) When carrying out the lap joint operation of the coil, remove the isolation film covering the lap side to ensure that the lap joint is clean and dry. Use a pressure roller to compact the lap side of the coil and discharge the air from the lap side to tightly press Really sticky. Repeat the above operations until the laying of flat coils is completed.
(6) In the case of rain, snow, and windy weather during the construction process, the protection of the rolled materials should be done well.

Wet paving method:
(1) If the base layer is dry, the base layer needs to be fully sprinkled with water to reach a saturated state, and the construction can be carried out without clear water.
(2) Preparation of cement slurry: according to the weight ratio of cement: water = 2:1, stir it evenly in the batching bucket with an electric mixer. First, pour water into the bucket, then pour the cement, and soak the cement in the bucket for 10 -15 minutes later, pour out the floating water on the top, and then start mixing. The preparation of cement slurry must be uniform without precipitation and lumps; add more when the weather is dry and hot, and less when the weather is cool and humid.
(3) During construction, if the base layer is too dry, water should be sprayed on the base layer to increase the humidity to ensure the moisture needed for curing the bonding layer.
(4) The adhesive layer shall be covered with slurry with a scraper, and shall not be exposed. It is required to overflow and not lose. The cement slurry shall not be applied to the overlap of the two coils to prevent contamination of the joints and affect the joint bonding quality.
(5) Overlap width: The overlap width should be 80mm. Coil lap construction must be carried out carefully, and the lap joint must be firmly adhered and compacted.

Our Company

Liaoning Nuwa Waterproof Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and was introduced to Gaosheng Economic Zone, Panjin, Panjin City, Liaoning Province in 2014. It has a registered capital of RMB 50 million and has a first-level qualification for professional contracting of waterproof, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation. Mainly engaged in general contracting of waterproof engineering construction; general contracting of house construction engineering; professional contracting of earth and stone works; general contracting of decoration and decoration; environmental protection engineering; municipal public works.
Focus on the construction and repair of waterproof construction projects for 20 years, has a number of national construction qualifications, and is equipped with a professional construction team and construction plan engineers. According to different types of waterproof construction conditions, we provide you with a full range of construction plans, so that waterproof construction can be handy no matter how complicated the environment is.
Liaoning Nuwa Waterproof Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. solemnly promises to consumers that we will use 120,000 points to escort your waterproofing project.

Liaoning Nuwa Waterproof Building Material Technology Technology Group
Service Hotline: 400-0088-055
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Address: Panjin New Type Waterproof Material Production Base (Chenjia, Panshan County)


 Yingkou Yuyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, located in Bayuquan District, Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, a beautiful coastal city, with a registered capital of RMB 80 million, a private enterprise. The main domestic production of textiles and garments, plastic packaging products, etc. It is the first private enterprise in Yingkou area to obtain import and export rights.
The company is constantly committed to developing the international market. In 1998, it was the first to set up a home textile and clothing sales center in the Moscow container market; in 2006, it "goed out" and built the McDonnell Douglas Industrial Park in Romania (now renamed: Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone ); 18 international marketing systems for Chinese products have been built in Europe to provide marketing services for Chinese companies; a large-scale timber resource base has been built to solve the shortage of rare timber resources for some companies.

A large number of orders received by the company through overseas exhibition halls and wholesale markets are transferred to the domestic textile and apparel and plastic industries for production and export by production plants. At present, the company is building a Romanian Chinese Commodity Perennial Exhibition and Trading Center, and at the same time building an international e-commerce network platform to achieve a combined online and offline marketing model.

Yingkou Yuyuan Industrial Co., Ltd. is the main investor in Romania's Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone. Romania's Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone is China's earliest "going out" and the only processing and manufacturing industrial park invested and constructed by a private enterprise in Europe.
The cooperation zone is about 80 kilometers from Bucharest, the capital of Romania, 60 kilometers from the airport, 1 kilometers from the E60 intercontinental highway, 3 kilometers from the railway station, and 200 kilometers from the seaport.
The cooperation zone has purchased a permanent land of 1.2 square kilometers, has built 18,000 square meters of workshops (including the area of the built workshops outside the park), and has invested 42 million US dollars. The cooperation zone plans to build 6 industrial clusters: textiles and garments, chemical fiber plastics, Building Materials, wood industry, logistics bases, and new energy electric vehicles. 4 projects have been put into production. The first phase of the project: roads, pipe networks, water, electricity, and gas construction have all been completed. The second phase of the project: 12 companies have now moved in, including 6 companies in Liaoning.
The cooperation zone has been upgraded to Liaoning provincial-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone in 2015, and is applying for a national-level overseas economic and trade cooperation zone.
On June 8, 2018, the Secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Chen Qiufa, when inspecting the Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Romania, said that you actively responded to the "One Belt One Road" initiative and successfully established the first Chinese industrial park in Romania, for more Chinese companies. Investment and development provide a platform. This is the glory and pride of Chinese entrepreneurs. The establishment of Romania`s Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone has an important role model for deepening the economic and trade cooperation between Liaoning and Romania.
On August 25, 2018, the Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government Document issued by the Liaoning Committee [2018] No. 42 listed the Romania Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone invested and constructed by Yingkou Yuyuan Group as a key project of "Going Global".
On November 30, 2018, in the summary of Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission's project recommendation, three projects were included in the [Belt and Road" recommendation list. Namely, Romania Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, Romania Europe and China Commodity Perennial Exhibition Center, Romania Jinyang International Timber Base.
On December 27, 2018, the Liaoning Provincial Development and Reform Commission included the [Romania Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Project" in the [List of Major Tasks and Projects to be Proposed by Provincial Leaders in 2019".
There are multiple ways of cooperation between the cooperation zone and investors: investors can lease or purchase existing factories in the cooperation zone, or purchase or lease industrial land in the cooperation zone to build their own factories; they can also cooperate with the cooperation zone in joint ventures to develop various projects And many other ways of cooperation.
The cooperation zone will provide all-round services for the investment enterprises in the zone: the cooperation zone will handle the relevant approval documents of the local country necessary for the entry, registration, business, and production of the investment enterprises, and provide production sites, consultation, law, and translation. , Customs clearance and other business assistance. In short, the cooperation zone will provide all-round services for the investment enterprises settled in.
The Liaoning Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Romania is constantly improving the functions of the cooperation zone, enhancing the influence of the cooperation zone locally and even in Central and Eastern Europe, guiding my country's industry-leading enterprises to deploy in countries along the "Belt and Road", and driving small and medium-sized enterprises to "go out" in group cooperation. In order to accelerate the overall revitalization, we will add new impetus and play an important role as a bridgehead and link for the "17+1".

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